The Honey In Your Jar Is Same As We Feed Our Own Children

Nature’s Golden Nectar An Ancient Folk Remedy For Healthy & Healing. Honey An Active Ingredient In Beauty And Skin-Care Products, Very Importantly Subject Of Medical Research.

“100% Original Raw Honey Straight From The Beehives Of Our Own Apiary.”

Wouldn't be great to eat at a restaurant that grows own vegetables? Well, that’s what Honey Roots Is All About. We aim to spread as much awareness about honey as possible because most people are misinformed when it comes to honey. Most big brands sell honey which is highly processed with no nutritional properties. Whereas raw honey contains bits of pollen, beeswax and propolis as well which are highly nutritional.

The Oldest Sweetener On Earth.

Honey Roots started as a byproduct of beekeeping. We do everything ourselves from taking care of our bees, to extracting the honey, to bottling it and selling it. Just like we cannot get same size and color tomato, honey also varies in every assortment. There are hundreds of variations in honey as it entirely depends on the flowers where bees are attracted for nectar.

The honeys obtained from bees contain 600 compounds. We need our honey bees, so how about we do all that we can to spare them and keep them on this planet.