We are beekeepers at our core who owns and manages a brand called "Honey Roots" which sells raw honey.

What is Beekeeping?

Simply put, Beekeeping is raising and taking care of the bee colonies. A beekeeper is responsible for the growth of his bee colonies. Most beekeepers believe that "It's not us that keep the bees, it's the bees that keep us!" They believe so because a whole lot of people's livelihood who are associated with the process of beekeeping depend on those lovely little creatures.

Inspection of the beehives

We started our Apiary/Beefarm three years ago. We harvested our first batch of honey and when we looked at the option for selling it we realised that the price that the beekeepers get for their honey is very unfair for the hard work they put in. The reason for that is beekeepers sell it to traders who sell it to exporters who export it and all the profit is divided.

We followed a different path which would benefit everyone. We established our own brand which would supply the best quality of honey to people directly from the source. Commercial Honey companies of India buy the degraded quality of honey and they adulterate it by adding color and flavor and they process it and the honey ends up losing almost all of it's nutrients. Due to the lack of awareness of good quality of honey there is very less demand of honey in India so the beekeeper is left with no other option to sell it at a low cost to traders and exporters.