Does Honey go bad?

Honey does not go bad it will last indefinitely if protected from moisture. The low moisture content low & antibacterial properties prevent spoiling it.

However, allowing to enter water or moisture in the jar causes fermentation & smells like yeast.
This is how mead is made.

Crystallized honey in the jar?

OMG, My jar is as solid as a rock or some honey might be like a creamy consistency. Well, it’s not spoiled in fact it may be tastier.

Okay! Why does this happen to some jars & not others?

Well, the rate of crystallization depends on the nectar sources, storage temperatures & other variables & few varieties will never get crystallize but most of them do over a period of time.

Again a question!

If most of them do not tends to get crystallized then how come those supermarket jars be so pretty & clear?

Here comes the process of intense filtration which removes the micronutrients & pollen too and these jars are definitely not as nutritional as our raw honey.